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Monday check in and Happy 4th of July!
Alex by Say Aye
alexcat wrote in kungfu_ww
Greetings to you all!

I have continued to lose this week: 12.7 pounds so far! I can tell a real difference in my feet and legs. They are not swollen anymore and my middle feels smaller as well. I am not as hungry as i was last week but I have eaten a lot of bananas and fruit this week.

I am trying to save most of my points today for a steak and potato for dinner. We're grilling! Plans today?

So how are y'all?

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Congrats on the loss so far!!

This week was a rough week work-wise, so I didn't get to the gym until my actual PT session on Sunday. However, I did lose another 2 pounds, so very happy about that!

Crazy PT lady killed my arms and legs, and then Dark and I went to the Zoo with her dad and walked for about 3 more hours.

Today...flying solo, so sleeping, writing, and GrapeVine Genocide. Yeap.

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