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Check-in and such!
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alexcat wrote in kungfu_ww
Hi one and all!


I was stalled for several days. My weight slipped up one or two pounds and I was totally frustrated. I was still eating according to WW plan. Anyhow, I didn't give up and I kept on keeping on and

I'm down 19.1 pounds this morning!

I have to be honest. I really don't feel a bit better though I know I should. I can reach my feet better and my clothes are becoming rather loose. I even think my face is a bit thinner as well. But I'm still having awful issues with my knees and hip. I'm going to call the ortho docs today and see if I can get my knee and hip checked and get a shot for the knees. They are not bad enough for knee replacement but they are too bad not to get steroid shots for. I need to get in good enough shape to actually exercise some!

Going to poke through my recipes for something good to share.

Sooo how are y'all doing?

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Wohoooooooo, great job!!!! :-)

That is wonderful!

If they will, ask about Physical Therapy! I recently started going to help with my recovery from my accident last January...and it has done wonders with my hips and knees. Yeah, they still aren't perfect, but by building up the muscles, apparently that helps the joints! Who knew!....well, besides my therapist ;) LOL

Yay! Go you!

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