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Late Update and check in!
Metallicar by <lj user=kali1967>
alexcat wrote in kungfu_ww
I have gone over 20 pounds! This is the least I've weighed in quite some time and the least I've weighed when not deathly ill in many years. I still really don't feel much better but I am hanging in there. I don't seem to feel the need to eat as much and I don't crave carbs much at all. My clothes are starting to be much looser and my face is a bit thinner.

So how y'all doing?

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I'm at 10 pounds since my journey began in April. It's been a rough ride, and it doesn't look (at least to me) like I've changed any (except my shoes are too big. WHY do I lose weight in my feet first?). But on the good side, I had my physical last week, and my numbers are looking better, so I guess most of my changes are internal so far

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